4-H Talk Meet 2020

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WHO: 13-18 years olds

WHERE: Jackson County High School

WHEN: March 12 @ 3:30 PM

WHAT: Speech Contest

Categories include:

Impromptu Speaking

Fruit and Vegetable
Nursery and Landscape
Small Animal
Turf & Lawn Care
Ag Mechanics

Prepared Public Speaking
Record Keeping (4 members)
Job Interview
Regional Officer Interview

HOW: Enter by emailing or send us a message here on our Facebook page. First, second, and third place winners for each division will receive ribbons.


1. Any boy or girl age 9-19 (must have passed their 9th birthday but have not passed their 19th birthday as of January 1 of the current program year) may participate in the 4-H Public Speaking (Talk Program) on a county basis. SENIORS must have passed their 14th birthday but not their 19th birthday as of January 1 of the current year.

NOTE: AGE REQUIREMENTS: We understand that districts may host their event in the Fall which falls before January 1st of the current year for the State Communication’s event. Please keep this in mind when certifying age on the registration form for the State Event. (i.e. youth may be age 15 in November, however, state event is not until Spring of next year, youth has a birthday Dec. 1, and is now age 16 for the state event, he/she cannot be the area representative for the 15 age category).

2. Each District may send two (2) participants per category. Exception: District 3, may have three youth per category.

3. State standard is that state communication day event participants earn a blue ribbon at the district level to qualify for the state communications day event.

4. Registration may be from county or district level and must be completed online for the state event.

5. Speeches by Senior youth (14-19 age youth) must be between 5 to 7 minutes long. Speeches by Junior youth (9-13 age youth) must be between 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Senior Level: Because this is an educational learning experience, the Senior 4-Her is expected to choose a topic, research and write their own speech. A participant may have help with practicing the speech.

    Junior Level: The 4-Her may have assistance in writing and preparation based on age level.

7. A penalty of three points will be subtracted from the speaker's total overall score for time errors (under/over time). The time requirement penalty will apply to the State Public Speaking, but not necessarily to county or district events. Participants will be eligable for champion placement.

8. No visual aids will be used in the Kentucky 4-H Public Speaking (Talk Meet).Costumes (special outfits)and/or electronic equipment are considered visual aids. Speakers using visual aids will receive a ribbon, but will not be considered for champion placement.

9. The use of note cards is optional. Points will not be added or subtracted for the use of note cards unless the speaker uses them in a distracting manner.

10. Dramatic readings, dramatic monologues and recitation of poems (as the entire speech) including web based information will not be accepted in the Public Speaking (4-H Talk Meet). Excessive or distracting body or hand gestures are unacceptable. These distractions will be counted against participant in the scoring section.

11. The contestant will be introduced by name, and subject (title) by the room host when s/he will present their talk. Talk should not include the speaker's name or residence; however there will be no penalty if name, county, and subject (title) are used during the talk.

12. Previous State Public Speaking (Talk Meet) champions are not eligible to compete in the same age category.

13. These rules supersede all previous published rules on the Kentucky 4-H Public Speaking (Talk Meet).

14. The decisions of the judges are FINAL!