4-H Poinsettia Fundraiser

Have you bought your Poinsettia’s for the Christmas Holiday yet?  If not, Jackson County 4-H is having their annual 4-H Poinsettia sale.  The Poinsettias are arriving at the Jackson County Extension Service on Monday, December 5 and may be picked up throughout the week from 8:00-4:00 p.m.  Prices are:

6 ½ inch pots                                    $10.00

8 inch pots (3 flowers in pots)          $15.00

Colors available are Prestige Red, Prestige Pink, Prestige White and Prestige Marble.  Please call the Jackson County Extension Service today at 606-287-7693 for more information and help send a Jackson County youth to 4-H Camp this summer!!  For more information please contact Verlene Congleton, Jackson County 4-H Agent, at 606-287-7693.